Practical Ministry

The focus of this programme should be an emphasis on the types of tasks a leading pastor would have in a congregation. Specialized ministries should be optional aspects of the programme. Every effort should be made to involve the probationery minister in all the practical aspects of the ministry.  A probationary minister will complete his probationary term under the oversight of a credentialed minister or mentor.

Practical Ministry Outline

A probationer is required to participate in practical ministry over a 4 year period.  Your mentor will use an evidence guide to assist you with building a portfolio of evidence.

  • Complete at least 2 years of Bible School Training approved by the AOGA
  • Must complete the Christian Doctrine course offered by the AOGA
  • Must complete the Holy Spirit Course offered by the AOGA
  • Keep a daily Prayer journal for at least 3 months
  • Preach at least 4 time a year (every year of probation)
  • Lead a cell/ small group for 12 months
  • Lead a Ministry for each year of Probation
  • Plan and Lead/ Convene 1 worship service each month during probation
  • Participate in a baptismal service and instruction of baptismal 
candidates once a year (every year of probation)
  • Participate in planning and leading a communion service at least 4 time a year (every year of probation)
  • Attend ministerial meetings and other board and committee meetings as 
deemed helpful)
  • Go through the National and local church Constitution (if there is one)
  • Participate in Regular Fellowship
  • Participate in Regular Corporate Prayer and Leading Prayer
  • Demonstrate Healthy Family Relations
  • Participate in Youth Ministry
  • Participate in Children’s Ministry
  • Participate in Discipleship Demonstrate Stewards and Accountability
  • Attend Conference Council and Conference ministerial meetings
  • Meet with the pastor once a month for discussion and evaluation
  • Participate in the counseling, rehearsal and ceremony of a wedding
  • Participate in the events surrounding a funeral: planning with the family, the service, ministry to the bereaved
  • Participate in hospital visitation at least 4 time a year (every year of probation)
  • Plan and Lead 1 Evangelism campaign
  • Read and do a summary book report on the book list from national Leadership
  • Perform Relevant Administrative Function
  • Perform Financial Administration Functions
  • Perform Duties Stipulated by the Local Oversight