Who Should do this Programme:
  • The Ministerial Development Programme is designed for candidates who wish to establish a biblical foundation in ministry.
  • Candidates who are participating in the ministerial internship programme
  • Ministers who wish to further their ministerial competence
How can I Structure this programme to meet the requirement?

      1st. YEAR, SEMESTER 1

  1. Basic Christian Doctrine – We Believe
  2. Who Is Jesus? (Jesus The Christ)
  3. The Holy Spirit
  4. Old Testament Survey
  5. New Testament Survey
  6. Rediscovering The Kingdom

       1st. YEAR, SEMESTER 2

  1. How to Study the Bible
  2. Preaching And Teaching
  3. Character, Integrity and Ethics
  4. The Leader and His Family
  5. The Leaders and Leading
  6. The Leader and His Walk with God – The Spiritual Disciplines to grow and maintain your spiritual life

         2nd. YEAR, SEMESTER 1

  1. Intercessory Prayer
  2. Spiritual Gifts
  3. Evangelism
  4. The Gospel of John
  5. The 21 Laws of Leadership
  6. Eschatology- A Study of Things to come.

       2nd. YEAR, SEMESTER 2

  1. Christian Worship
  2. Developing a Biblical World View
  3. Biblical Financial Strategies


  1. The Responsible Christian – Stewardship
  2. Knowing the Voice of God
  3. Women: A Biblical Profile