Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Satellite Centre?

A Satellite Centre is a contact centre located in approved regions.  These satellite contact centres are located to ease traveling distance. We want to encourage you to meet and share with fellow participants.

Do I need to own I computer to study at the IFLD?

You do not need your own computer.  You can use or share a desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, or smartphone to login to the IFLD Website.  We prefer that you use the site to register, do or upload written assignments for ease of assessment.

How do I enroll  in the IFLD?

You can enroll easily using our online application.  You can ask the satellite coordinator to assist you to enroll.

Must I do everything on my own?

We believe that the best way to study the word and any other subject matter, is with the assistance of others.  We encourage group participation and peer support groups.  We welcome cooperative assignments evidence, but emphasise that you demonstrate personal competence.

What are the language medium of tuition?

Our medium of tuition is english.  We however endeavour with our partners to develop assessment tools and guides in mother-tongue format to facilitate the understanding and expression of our participants.

What is a Contact Session?

We encourage a contact session for each course a participant undertakes. A contact session is a minimum of 10 hours a participant will share with a mentor, facilitator, coach, minister or such person who may be assigned by the IFLD to assist the participant. Satellite coordinators and participants will have custom schedules for each region.

What is Online Assessment?

We have elected to do the majority of written assessments online.  This will ease the assessment and grading of assignments and test.  However, there will be a need for an assessor to observe practical assessments from time to time.  In which case the assessor will upload the evidence to our site.

If I am not comfortable with an online assessment,  may I do a written paper assessment?

There is still place for the pen and paper method.  You will be given the option to write a written assessment where the process allows for it.

Ministerial Development Programme

How many courses form part of the MDP?

There are 24 courses that form part of the MDP.  Twenty courses are delivered over 2 years, ideally one course per month. Four of the 20 are referred to as intensives.  These intensives are delivered on an average of one per quarter. All course are compulsory.

Do I need to do all the courses?

If you which to enter ministry or if your are participating in a probationary programme, you will be required to do all the courses.  However, you may elect to do some courses if you have interest in only doing selected content.

Are credits I have obtained at other Institutions or Bibles Schools recognised by the IFLD?

You are welcome to submit an application for recognition of prior learning obtained at a different institute. An assessment will done and we will advise you of the outcome.